#7DaysofSpringCleaning: spring clean and declutter your home in seven days with the tips below:

7DaysofSpringCleaning 2023


Day 1: Clear Your Closet Clutter If you haven’t worn those jeans, jerseys, or jeggings lately, chances are you won’t.  Seize the opportunity to clean out your closet and donate to Goodwill today. 

Day 2:  Tackle the Kitchen  Just 20 minutes spent going through your cabinets can make a world of difference for South Texans.

Day 3: Spread Holiday Cheer Are you holding onto boxes of holiday decorations? Spread cheer by donating your holiday ornaments, Halloween decorations are more to Goodwill.

Day 4: Downsize Your Toys Not sure what to do with your used laptop, flip phone, tablet 1.0?  Put your clutter to good use by donating to Goodwill today.  

Day 5: Clear Your Office Are you really going to use those pencils and extra erasers? No? Put them to good use.  Clear your desk and give your neighbors a fresh start by donating to Goodwill today. 

Day 6:  Provide Quality Entertainment Is your house overflowing with unused movies and video games?  Pass along the entertainment by donating to Goodwill today. 

Day 7: Downsize Your Bookshelf Have your textbooks and paperbacks been collecting dust? Clear your bookshelf or wherever you stash your reading materials and donate to Goodwill today.