Thinking about throwing away those clothes you don’t wear anymore? Think again. 

When you donate clothing, you’re contributing to a sustainable market and giving others the opportunity to develop their chic, unique fashion senses. There are countless reasons why you should donate clothing and other reusable items, so here are 7 of the most popular:

1. When You Donate Clothing, You’re Reducing Consumerism and Waste

Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles, per person, each year. That’s a lot of waste!

When you donate clothing instead, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and doing your part to make the world a healthier place. You might not think you’re making a huge difference, but if everyone donates clothes worthy of a second home, it could substantially reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills. 

2. Recycling Clothes Can Improve Your Health

To coincide with the point above, clothing production is stressful on our environment. It creates more pollution, which often leads to serious health issues. 

According to the EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, “Many textile manufacturing facilities [are considered] to be hazardous waste generators.” Not only does this waste impact factory textile workers, but also the general population. By donating your clothes and giving them a second home, you’re helping reduce the amount of textiles produced. 

3. You’re Helping Fund Training Programs

In our post Where to Donate Clothes to Do The Most Good, we talked about how roughly 82% of Goodwill’s revenue goes toward job training programs and placement services. These programs are only made possible by donations like yours. 

While you might think you’re just donating clothes, you’re actually contributing to a nonprofit dedicated to helping people develop the skills they need to find work and change their lives!

4. You Can Declutter Your Closet

Do you ever feel like you can’t find anything? Donating clothes you don’t wear anymore will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, saving you time and unnecessary stress.

Also, decluttering is very calming. Research even draws a connection between having less stuff and increased happiness! Don’t believe us? Check out any of these books on decluttering.

5. It Makes Moving Cheaper and Easier

The less you have to pack during a move, the easier it will be. Also, fewer boxes mean you can rent a cheaper U-Haul, or your hired movers will have less to transport. Either way, you’re saving time and money. 

6. You’ll Help Someone Else Find a Bargain

Donating clothes still in good condition will help thrift shoppers dress themselves with style and dignity, without breaking their banks. The clothes you’re donating may no longer fit your style, but they’re all but guaranteed to fit someone else’s! 

Also, because thrift shoppers aren’t scouring stores that sell hundreds of the same items, you’re helping someone define their unique personality and style. 

7. You Get a Tax Write-Off

Goodwill is a nonprofit organization. When you donate clothing and other items at one of our store locations, you’ll receive a donation receipt where you can itemize all your donated items and their assumed cash value. If you don’t know the exact amount, or if you haven’t saved a receipt, that’s okay! You can guestimate for now, and talk to your tax person when it comes time to file. 

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Donate to Goodwill

There are so many reasons why you should donate clothing. To learn more, or to visit a Goodwill store near you, check out our website. We’ve always got an amazing deal going on, all thanks to donations from people like you!