Thrift shopping has some amazing benefits. Whether you love designer clothes, have a soft spot for antiques, or want to take a stroll down memory lane, there’s something for everyone at Goodwill. 

Here are some of the many benefits of thrift shopping…

1. You Can Develop a Wardrobe Unique to You

When you buy something at American Eagle or Macy’s, you’re likely buying the same clothing that hundreds of other people also own. When you’re thrift shopping, you can choose from a variety of unique clothing that people donate. This gives you the ability to create your brand and style. 

2. You Can Teach Your Kids Goods Spending Habits

Try this one day: give your kid $20 and take them to a retail store, so they can see how much they can buy for it. Then, give your kid $20 and take them to a thrift store. They’ll be surprised how much further $20 goes!

3. You Can Treat Thrift Shopping Like a Treasure Hunt

Department stores can be so boring. Whole racks of clothes look the same, and they’re all laid out and clearly labeled. Going thrift shopping is like going on a treasure hunt. You never know when you’ll find an awesome pair of jeans for $5, or the same clock radio you had as a kid. 

You can also gamify thrift shopping. Get together with a few family members or friends, and write a list of items to find. Whoever finds the most after 20 – 30 minutes wins!

4. You Can Find Great Toys

You’d be surprised by some of the toys you can find at a thrift store. If your kids play with a toy for two minutes and then ignore them forever, shopping at Goodwill for toys can save you a lot of money!

5. You Can Find Vintage Furniture and Clothing

Some fashion trends are constantly reemerging. Instead of buying something for $60 by a designer inspired by the 90s, you may find the clothes that inspired that designer for a fraction of the price.

6. You Can Save Money on Christmas and Birthday Shopping

Christmas and birthday shopping gets expensive! Before shopping on Amazon for your sister’s Christmas gift, go thrift shopping instead. You never know when you’ll find something of sentimental value, as opposed to an item you can buy at a department store. 

7. You Can Find Something Incredibly Valuable

When people donate items, they often don’t think about the potential value of what they’re discarding. If you’ve ever seen the Antiques Roadshow, you’ve probably heard countless retellings of people who found a $3,000 vase at a yard sale, or a music box from the 1800s still in mint condition. You never know when you can find an item that could pay for your next family vacation, or even a down payment for a mortgage! 

8. You Can Furnish Your New Home or Closet On a Budget

Moving is expensive, and there’s always an unexpected cost. When you’re looking to fill your new home with household items and clothes, check out your local thrift shop. You might find a few items at a great price, or at least temporary furniture, until you decide to buy something new. 

9. Savvy Thrifters Can Turn a Profit

If you’ve got a keen eye for a great deal, you can turn your thrift shopping into a side gig. Take some time to visit your local Goodwill and search for valuable items. Then, you can buy and resell them on your Etsy store or Facebook marketplace.

For extra credit, check out our clearance stores where you can buy by the pound. 

10. Thrifting Can Turn Into a New Hobby

Whether you’re interested in turning a profit or not, thrift shopping can become a new hobby of yours. If you and your partner are bored and want to get out of the house, make visiting your local Goodwill and other thrift stores a regular thing. 

Final Thoughts on Thrift Shopping

These are just a few reasons why you should get into thrift shopping. You can also find items that aren’t getting made anymore, enjoy a constant changing inventory, and most importantly, you’re supporting your local community. 

Come visit your local Goodwill and see for yourself what’s available!